in the Czech Republic


Game hunting is not just a hobby or an exclusive club of selected people, hunting is a connection of man with nature, with animals. For many, it is a lifestyle, and we are among them.

The Czech Republic is one of the best places to experience wildlife hunting, traditions and the atmosphere associated with it.

Our low prices, rich hunting traditions and friendly environment and people make the Czech Republic a favorite destination for many foreign hunters.

We are here for those who want to experience a real adventure and connection with nature – for them we organize legal hunting in our forests.

We are able to provide complete service from our guest’s arrival, during and after our visit. Handling hunting licenses, lending weapons, transport, hotel or trophy processing – we arrange everything to your satisfaction.

Why hunt with us?

We are a society where we all share a passion for nature and hunting. We have all the necessary permits and licenses for game hunting and services associated with it.

Each hunting is unique and individual, so your visit with us will be individualized according to your needs, wishes and expectations.

And how to start?

  1. First contact: You can contact us by e-mail, form on our website or phone and give us your idea and expectations.
  2. Hunting Plan and Pricing: Based on the information provided, we will prepare an individual hunting plan and price calculation with any other services.
  3. Accommodation: If you wish, we can book a booking near the hunting grounds.
  4. Document Processing: To be able to hunt in the Czech Republic, you need a Czech hunting license and insurance. For this reason, we you will have to send us copies of the following: Hunting license from your country, passport or ID card.
  5. Arrival in the Czech Republic: Your hunting adventure begins here – our team will help you with transport, accommodation and transportation to the hunting spot.

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